“My wife and I are so grateful to Christine Reynolds and all her staff. Their compassionate and embracing culture is a blueprint for how all preschools should be run.” – Toby Somerville


continued… “Tiger’s natural inquisitiveness to learn has been encouraged and developed. Their implementation of the years 3 to 4 program and their subtle use of routines, made sure that Tiger was thoroughly prepared for her move to “big” school. Her two years at Gosford Preschool helped to develop Tiger’s social and academic learning skills.

The groundwork that Christine and her staff laid made the transition away from preschool effortless. Tiger has settled into her new school and continues to embrace her love of learning. She still has play dates with her old preschool pals and talks fondly of preschool.

The only downside to this wonderful experience was that she had such a great time that she didn’t want to leave preschool, her teachers or her friends. It was not unusual at home time to see children not wanting to leave preschool; such is the fantastic time they have. A feeling echoed by my wife and I – if only you taught all the way up to year 12…

Thank you Christine and all your dedicated staff for giving Tiger the opportunities to blossom and grow. We will be forever in your debt.”

Toby Somerville